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Snap Swipe Drawer


Snap is a widget drawer, similar to the notifications drawer.Give a boost to your productivity and access widgets from any app without having to go to your launcher. Keep your home screen clean. Swipe for fast access to your widgets, from anywhere!Key Features:- Widgets drawer;- Access from any app;- Fits stock android design;- Small, fast & easy to use;G+ Community:For bug reports, ideas, questions, etc. people say about it?“I like using Snap not only to make essential widgets easily accessible, but also to reduce clutter on my home screen” - THE NEXT WEB“Snap is an app that solves the widget problem” - ANDROID AUTHORITY“Snap makes your Android widgets reachable from any app” - ENGADGET“Snap Adds A Pull-Down Widget Screen That's Accessible From Anywhere” - ANDROID POLICE“Snap is a simple yet smart little productivity app” - LIFEHACKER UK“Access Your Widgets In A Unique Way” - ANDROID HEADLINES